Green Design Biennale 2022 ǀ Mostar


This year’s event will bring together 20 experts, architects, designers and researchers from 11 countries as well as 35 students form 5 universities around the theme of circular design and digitalisation. The aim of the Biennale is to capture and share the leading innovation and developments that will shape the sustainable and circular world of tomorrow. At the centre of the debate are concepts, strategies and tools for effective resource use within built environment. This year’s themes are dealing with digitalization and implementation of circular economy in architecture as well as transformation of historic sites and design of healthy and inclusive green buildings and cities. Biennale will be opned by  City Mayor Mario Kordic, rectors of the University of Mostar and University of Dzmal Bjedic, founder of Green Design Foundation & Biennale Elma Durmisevic, president of European Association of Architects Ruth Schagemann and representative of EU Interreg project Digital Deconstruction.

Special Events

Special events this year are dedicated to the fashion, music and finalisation of the 1st phase of Regional Green Design Centre in Mostar. Finalisation of the 1st phase will be celebrated will be marked by concert of Mostar’s rock school at the location of Green Design Centre in Mostar.

During the Biennale a green Fashion show will take place on 13th of October presenting the work of young designer form Sarajevo Naida Vilic. Models presented will illustrate how creativity as important resource can be used to eliminate the waste of fabrics by reusing existing piece of clothing for the creation of new once.

This year we will present the first B&H electric care. This project was initiated and lad by Prof. Dr. Boran Pikula. who unfortunately recently past away.

His contribution to education and development of mobility concepts for modern green cities has enormous value for the society. Specially this latest unfinished ground breaking work at the University of Sarajevo on creation of the first B&H electrical car deserves great admiration and special attention.

Biennale will host exhibition of green and circular buildings and cities which will stay in Mostar until 25th of October 2022. This year’s Biennale will be finalised by visit to the Ljubuski parks and exploration of its historic, sociocultural, gastro and natural beauties.

Digital Deconstruction

This year’s biennale will tackle digitalisation and how digital tools can help to design better and resource effective built environment. Special focus will be given to the results and lessons learned during EU Interreg Digital Deconstruction project. The aim of the project is to develop a digital platform that will help owners of the buildings to make better decisions regarding reuse strategies of martials from existing buildings relying on digital modules such as 3D scanning, Reversible BIM ( Digital assessment of reuse potential of building materials) and Block Chain technology .