Gil Peled

Gil Peled

Eco-architect and community urban planner, team member of a leading hi-tech company. Founder of Eco-Challenges Sustainable Design & Consultancy.

Gil has initiated and participated in several pioneering green initiatives including green retrofits of existing buildings, design of sustainable and affordable neighborhoods, public green spaces, urban parks and community gardens.

He is currently working towards a research degree (PhD.) at the University of Twente on Sustainable Transformations of the Holy Sites in Jerusalem.

Lecture: Jerusalem Perspectives
18:00 Cultural Hall Herceg Stjepan Kosaca
Day three, Friday 06 October 2017

New challenges and opportunities for the Old and New City

The Old and New City of Jerusalem are undergoing profound changes due to the pressures of population, tourism and economic growth.

The challenges and opportunities of transformations in and around the Old City of Jerusalem – a World Heritage Site in Danger – may provide us with perspectives and insights relevant to World Heritage sites elsewhere.