Jan Brouwer

Jan Brouwer


Founder of Jan Brouwer Associates, architects and planners.
Chief Government Advisor on Infrastructure.
member of the Board of Government Advisors (CRA) which advises the central government on spatial and architecture issues. Several symposiums were organized for discussions on town planning and other spatial en architectural subjects.
Advisor to the Chief Government Architect.
Workshop Series Master Designing Randstad 2040.
Atelier for furniture design Brouhaus.
Technical University Delft developing master studies Building Technology vice-dean for 3 years member of several scientific committees.

Lecture: Sustainable infrastructure
18:00 Cultural Hall Herceg Stjepan Kosaca
Day two, Thursday 05 October 2017

The Art of Sustainability
My contribution is a non scientific description of the approach of the inhabitants of planet Earth with the result that lots of things are going wrong.

1. Analysis.
As a result of human actions, a great deal has gone wrong in this world.
We have built too many cities in a poor way.
We have built many unnecessary buildings.
We have taken too much agricultural land from nature.
We have surrounded ourselves with too many ‘things’.
We produce too much waste.
We emit too much CO2.
We…. etc. etc. etc.

2. What to do.
The approach to the new build of a city and buildings must be drastically reformulated.
The flexibility of the physical world must be optimized.
Recycling of components will be necessary.
The technology of transition must be optimized.
This also applies to the everyday ‘things’.
Design them in a way that they can be repaired and dismantled. They can always be disposed of later if necessary.
Include this technology in the training courses for designers.

3. Creativity.
An urgent request will be made to the designer world. This not only applies to architects, urban planners and landscape architects, but also to designers and industrial designers.
Extensive forms of collaboration and the development of integral design processes must be promoted.
However, this will lead to fantastic opportunities for the designer’s field.

A series of images is illustrating these statements. My contribution ends with an appeal to the creativity of the people