Nitesh Magdani

Nitesh Magdani

Nitesh is driven to ensure that BAM is recognised as a leader in sustainable built environments. His 13 years in architectural practice leading numerous sustainability-led high-profile projects has focused his commitment to designing for efficiency. Nitesh’s focus is on strategic thinking, reinforcing business cases, and looking at the influence of sustainability through all key stages of a development.

BAM are the only major contractor member of Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s CE100. In conjunction with the CE100, BAM actively participate to scale up circular economy thinking within the built environment.

Nitesh strives to exceed customer expectations by delivering value over the life cycle of their assets. He is involved in several circular economy projects, as well as advising the Green Construction Board and LWARB on government policies. Nitesh co-authored a Circular Business Models in the Built Environment publication, together with Arup and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

Lecture: Circular Economy in practice: Delivering value
18:00 Cultural Hall Herceg Stjepan Kosaca
Day three, Friday 06 October 2017

The lecture will focus on BAM’s experience in leading many circular economy led projects and how it engages with stakeholders to generate long term value.

BAM have recently announced ambitious targets to embed circular economic thinking across its business by 2020. Through project and research experiments, Nitesh will demonstrate how to generate added value for the client, and also provide some practical insights of how to incentivise the value chain to incorporate circular economic business models.