Sarajevo Green Design Biennale 2015 ǀ Announcement
After five Green Design Festivals in a row, Sarajevo Green Design Foundation is introducing a biennale format in 2015. The aim of Biennale is to capture the trends and realizations of innovative sustainable solutions and investigate their further evolution . The focus of this year’s 6th International Sarajevo Green Design Days is on circularity of recourses as a base for circular economy and relevant design and construction solutions. The concept of Cities and Buildings as Material Banks will be elaborated by designers, contractors, policymakers, researchers from leading EU design offices, research institutions and municipalities. Biennale will host the kick off sessions of the EU Horizon 2020 project on Buildings as Material Banks. Besides closed morning kick off sessions, program includes evening lectures, exhibitions, urban food market and book promotions and offers inspiration to designers, planners, engineers, industry and policymakers. All evening events are open for public.

Buildings as Material Banks Kick off
bamb Sarajevo Green Design Biennale 2015 is partnered by EU Horizoon2020 project “Buildings as Material Banks”( BAMB). BAMB kick off meetings of this EU project will take place at 8th and 9th of October. During this year’s Benally the new approach to use of martials in the built environment summarized around the vision of conserving cities and buildings as material pools for new construction will be discussed. BAMB is a EU strategy to eliminating construction waste and to link circularity of material use to circular economy. Besides two pillars of this approach namely Material Passports presented by Hein Vantuijl and Reversible Building Design presented by Elma Durmisevic four critical views on its future implementation will be given by Caroline Henrotay discussing the implementation of BAMB innovation, Jos Lichtenberg elaborating innovation redlines of construction industry, Gilli Hobs talking about construction resource efficiency, Johan Sandberg talking about Quality and innovation as a tool for societal development and change.


EU Horizon 2020 project ǀ Buildings as Material Banks
horizon2020 Year ago Sarajevo Green Design Foundation joined European Consortium in preparation of European Horizon 2020 project” Buildings as Material Banks”. After the final acceptance of the project by the EU, official project’s kick off sessions will take place during the Green Design Biennale hosting 16 European partners among which UK, Dutch, Belgium, German, Portuguese and Swedish national research centers, universities and public bodies. All of them acting on the frontlines of transformation, towards new generation of buildings and the whole supply chain. The aim of the project is to propose new design protocols, building standards and regulations based on introduction of Material Passports and Reversible Building Design as two pillars of the new concept. Sarajevo Green Design Foundation initiated research, development and demonstration projects that will give a view on potentials for the implementation of this new building strategy in the region.