Selma Harrington

Selma Harrington

Selma Harrington | ARCHITECTS COUNCIL OF EUROPE (ACE)| ACE Executive Board member – Coordinator Research and Development (current) and Past-President (2010-13) | Founding Member of the New European Bauhaus Forum Bosnia and Herzegovina | Registered Architect MRIAI HonAIA

Born and educated in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, where I’ve obtained a Bachelors’ and Masters’ Degree in Architecture, I am now based in Dublin, Ireland and hold a PhD Architecture from the University of Strathclyde and an MPhil European Studies at the Trinity College Dublin.  With a well of experience in crossing borders and boundaries in Europe, Africa and Asia, trough educational and design leadership and professional advocacy, I am deeply committed to advancing the role of architecture and creative disciplines in society, economy and education. Through professional networking and joint projects, I advise, motivate and engage creative communities on local and global tasks and projects for culturally sensitive just green transition in built environment.

Lecture series:
18:00 h
Day two

WHAT IS THE NEW EUROPEAN BAUHAUS TO US: Connecting the dots, drawing the lines

The New European Bauhaus initiative was launched by the EU COM’s President Ursula van der Leyen with the aspiration to make the EU Green transformation a cultural movement. At the same time, wishing to overcome isolated approaches, the initiative actively enabled synergies and engagement among creative professions, institutions and civic society.

This paper discusses a specific “audience building” activity of the Architects Council of Europe and a foundation of the New European Bauhaus Forum Bosnia and Herzegovina (NEB Forum BiH), set to translate and transpose the ideas of the New European Bauhaus into local and domestic context.  The Forum observes the relationship and (dis)continuities between space as realm of public action, practice and culture in the built environment through a cross-disciplinary lens from professionals and networks in academia, civic society and local (planning) authorities. The paper is inspired by the action research conducted with the Forum and its findings presented at the Round Table on the New European Bauhaus in Sarajevo in June 2022. Connecting a grouping of professionals from the built environment, architecture, art and education from several regional centers with the Bosnian diaspora, several blended themes were explored, from global to local, digital and remote, physical, analogue and direct, to systemic and practical.

The Forum charts a common ground and an action field among diverse approaches identifying the needs and directions for further action in the shared environment(s). Tracing the unique “Bosnian connection” to the original Bauhaus up to the present-day shortcomings in the processes of the European integration, this paper sketches a template framework for application of the New European Bauhaus ideas in the local context. At the same time, it argues for a stronger recognition and structured support for the Forum as a platform of the novel form of education, environmental learning and engagement.

Key words: New European Bauhaus, Architects Council of Europe, audience building, Bosnia and Herzegovina, common ground, environmental learning and engagement