Documentary of app. 49 minutes on the Cradle to Cradle design concept of the chemist Michael Braungart and the architect William McDonough (read outline after the jump).
A documentary about the cradle-to-cradle principle: designers and manufacturers should incorporate the recyclability of the materials products are made of. Each product, once it’s discarded, should become (non-toxic) food for the biosphere or be completely recyclable in the techno sphere. This principle is already being tried out by a number of major companies (Nike, Ford) and smaller companies (Herman Miller, Rohner Textile). Natural resources are being depleted on a rapid scale, while production and consumption are rising rapidly in nations like China and India. The waste production is enormous and if we don’t do anything we’ll soon have turned all our resources into one big messy landfill.

Director: Rob van Hattum
Production: VPRO

Waste is Food
Superuse 2012

Film is about the work of office “2012 architecten”. The office specialised in reuse of wasted materials since 1997. Building several examples of their way of working in small mono-material art they developed a way to use all kind of materials in architectural projects too. One of the most used objects designed by 2012 architecten is a coffee shop made of parts of washing machine and air plain chairs.