Green Design Biennale 2017 ǀ Mostar

After five Green Design Festivals in a row, Sarajevo Green Design Foundation has introduced a biennale format in 2015. The aim of Biennale is to capture the trends and realizations of innovative sustainable solutions and investigate their further evolution.

This year’s Green Design Biennale will take place in Mostar from 04th -07th October and is supported by City of Mostar and University of Mostar, University of Dzemal Bjedic and Association of Architectural Dialog. The focus of this year’s 7th International Green Design Days is on vital sites and reversible design of buildings and produces that will support transition to Green Design Biennale 2017 ǀ Mostar circular economy and relevant design and construction solutions. This is also an emphases of 3rd International Green Design Conference organized in collaboration with EU Horizon 2020 project and University of Twente, University of Dzemal Bjedic, University of Mostar, University of applied science ZUYD.

The concept of Green Design of sites, buildings and products will be elaborated by designers, contractors, policymakers, researchers from leading EU design offices, research institutions and corporate world as IBM, BAM, Lindengrupen . Program includes evening lectures, exhibitions, urban food market and international student’s workshop and offers inspiration to designers, planners, engineers, students, industry and policymakers. All evening events are open for public.

3rd International Green Design Conference
Green Design Biennale in Mostar will host third Green Design Conference in Mostar form 04 – 07 October.
Conference is Organised in Collaboration with EU Horizon 2020 BAMB project and University of Dzemal Bjedic, University of Mostar University of Sarajevo, Green Council, University of Twente, ZUYD University of Applied Sciences, and aims at addressing the many inter-related aspects of green design of cities, buildings and products, from urban strategies to social cohesion, design for reconfiguration and reuse design for change, sustainable energy strategies.

The conference themes are Reversible Buildings, Green Materials and Technologies, Transformable and Green Buildings, Green Cities Building Information Modeling, Social Cohesion and Cultural Continuity, Mobility and Infrastructure Urban Landscaping and Farming, Smart Energy Solutions, Green Financial, Policy and Regulatory Standards

Lindengruppen │ Sweden
How one of global leaders in in industrial coatings; ColArt, the largest global supplier of artist materials; and the world’s leading manufacturer of metal powders sees its role in sustainable world and engages and initiates social and cultural programs to support inclusive world and economy. The story will be tolled during the Green Design Biennale in Mostar through the presentation of Färgfabriken Foundation.
Lindéngruppen is the main sponsor of the Färgfabriken Foundation – an exhibition space and experimental platform for art, architecture, social and urban development.
From 1902 until the 1990s Färgfabriken was Beckers’ paint factory in Stockholm. Today it’s a site for exhibitions, workshops, and talks. The purpose is to challenge, engage and create new connections and collaborations. Färgfabriken also operates international projects off-site. The Färgfabriken Foundation was established in 1995 by Alcro-Beckers AB, ColArt Sweden AB and SAR (the Swedish Architects’ Association). Lesture will be provided by the member of Lindengruppen executive management board