Damir Androsevic

Damir Androsevic

Manager BaseNet d.o.o. 2013-present day

Energy and environmental consulting, management and organization of business, contacts with clients, negotiations, organization of office work, etc.

Bosnian standardization institute – 2018 – present day

Member of the technical committee for standardization

Participation in the work of the technical committee

MALcom Sarajevo 2010 – 2011.

Electrical Engineer

Power engineering, solar and wind power engineering, power generation and transmission equipment, contacts with clients, preparation and submission of tenders, dealing with import and transport of goods.. 

Various international and local organizations – 2007 – present day

Freelance consultant and interpreter

Consultant in various capacities for energy and environmental development

Info Magazine 2005-2010 Associate journalist

Writing technology news and texts for the Info Magazine Portal and the hard copy version

International Services and Consulting – ISC Sarajevo 2001-2007

Consulting, quality control, organization of various seminars and workshops, translation of English language (written, consecutive, simultaneous),

Lecture series :
18:00 h
Day three


Energy transition is an issue we are facing due to climate changes challenging the old ways and making us adopt new ones. Replacement of fossil energy sources is rarely easy or straightforward. There is a rising global awareness and pressure to control and mitigate the climate change through agreements like the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement but there is no certainty and the process is evolving, depending of changing political, social, technological, economy and environmental situation.

Energy transition is difficult and complicated and for countries like BiH it is even more true. Bosnia and Herzegovina is not supposed to have a big problem with energy transition. A small country with abundant untapped hydropower potential of up to 60%, and huge wind and solar potential in Herzegovina with its Mediterranean climate and features. Unfortunately, reality is quite different.