Dominik Breitfuß

Dominik Breitfuß

Dominik Breitfuß is Researcher with focus on: – Assessment and Digitalization of building stock – BIM based Workflows


TU Wien, Master programme in Architecture 2018 – 2021 | Wien TU Wien, Bachelor programme in Architecture 2012 – 2018 | Wien Bundesrealgymnasium, Graduation with focus on computerscience 2004 – 2012 | Salzbur

Profectional Expriance :

Integrale Bauplanung Industriebau, TU Wien project assistant 2021 – present | Wien student assistant for research projects 2019 – 2021 | Wien G4S Burgtheater, billeteur 2017 – 2020 | Wien Gemeinnützige Wohn und Siedlungsgenossenschaft „die Salzburg“ construction technician 2018 | Salzburg construction technician 2017 | Salzburg Freinbichler Gesellschaft mbH, logistician 2016 | Salzburg Reneé Floret Scheide, intern – architecture 2014 | Paris Mayer & CO Beschläge GMBH, electroplating 2013 | Salzburg h.moser

Lecture series:
18:00 h
Day two

BIMstocks – digital twins for material passports

Accurate documentation and descriptions of the materials used in the existing building stock are still unavailable and thus prevent an increasing “circular economy”. Recycling and reusing materials in the building sector is crucial in terms of resource conservation, and the research project “BIMstocks” deals with these topics. The building stock of Vienna was analyzed based on ten representative use cases, and the material masses were digitized with the help of Building Information Modelling (BIM). By evaluating the BIM models, which represent “digital twins”, material building passports were also created semi-automatically to generate an extrapolation for the whole city of Vienna. In this presentation, the workflow for creating “Digital Twins” and the problems and potentials that emerged in the project will be discussed.