Gil Peled

Gil Peled

Eco-architect and community urban planner, founder of Eco-Challenges Sustainable Design & Consultancy.

Gil is currently working at the Israel Antiquities Authority as the Conservation Architect of the Old City of Acre and coordinator of the Conservation and Development Committee. He has also initiated and is managing the digitization project of the Old City conservation archive.

Gil has initiated and participated in several pioneering green initiatives including green retrofits of existing buildings, design of sustainable and affordable neighborhoods, public green spaces, urban parks and community gardens.

He is working towards a research degree (PhD.) at the University of Twente on Sustainable Transformations of the Holy Sites in Jerusalem.

Lecture series:
18:00 h
Day three

Heritage conservation of UNESCO World Heritage protected cities and buffer zones –

challenges and opportunities

World Heritage Cities and their Buffer Zones are facing several challenges to their unique                                   tangible and intangible values. These challenges, from humans, nature, and climate, can become, with            new or revised outlooks, opportunities and enhance existing heritage conservation, management, and protection systems.   The Old City of Acre provides us an environment to examine some of the issues                and scenarios, as well as their relevance to additional WHCs including the Old Town of Mostar.