Igor Kuvac

Igor Kuvac

Igor Kuvač,  BArch MArch (2009) at Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, University of Banja Luka (AGGF) | Best student of the generation | PhD degree at the University of Granada (Spain) (2017)  | Erasmus Mundus Fellow with a dissertation titled Forced Transition – New settlements of Displaced Persons after the War (1992-1995) in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Born in Sarajevo in the 1984 Winter Olympic year. I work as an Assistant professor at the Department of Architectural Design at the University of Banja Luka, where I coordinate the Master’s program of Architecture and Urbanism, and teach different modules on architectural and urban design. I am a co-founder and Head of the Center for Spatial Research, which experiments with innovative models of urban design, and I coordinate Small SCALE and other projects. I explore the different spatial scales as well as the cultural context of contemporary urban transformations, focusing equally on urban and anthropological themes.

Lecture series:
Future Perspectives
18:00 h
Day thee

Emerging environmental problems

Environmental pollution is one of the greatest global challenges. Its facing means continuous work on changing the entire planetary system by implementing globally coordinated strategies at different levels, scales and geographies. Unfortunately, the current situation shows that the efforts made so far have not been sufficient, thus, it is necessary to use all weapons available and to act both globally and locally. As the great ideas can be equally implemented through the simple projects at the local level, this lecture will present such small-scale action in Banja Luka city. The example of the Sewage pipes festival shows how an emerging environmental problem could be visualized and familiarized with the public.